ASTM D 3306; ASTM D 4985; SRPS H.Z2.010


Non-toxic coolant based on propylene glycol and appropriate corrosion inhibitors. It protects cooling systems from freezing in winter and from boiling in the summer period up to 2 years. The antifreeze concentrate is diluted with distilled water to the desired freezing point. Due to its non-toxicity, it is used in the systems for the preparation of sanitary water, solar and central systems as well as in the food industry: breweries, dairies, meat plant, refrigerators, juice factories.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL)1.04 - 1.05
Crystallization temperature for mixture with water 1:1 (v/v) (ºC)Max.- 33
Corrosion in glass; mg per plate
Boiling point (°C)Min.150
Package10L 20L

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