DIN 51 502:KP 2K-30; ISO L-X CCHB 2


Lithium lubricating grease based on EP- and additive for long-term lubrication. It is primarily applied for long-term lubrication of motor vehicle wheel bearings. Good lubrication effects are achieved in bearings with number of revolutions from n = 3000 r/min and for value of Dxn = 600 000. Period of lubricant change in the lubrication of the automobile wheels is over 100 000 kilometers. It is also applied for the lubrication of other lubrication points on automobile lower body, and for agricultural and construction mechanization. It is elastomer - compatible. Temperature interval of application: - 30°C to +130°C.

BaseLithium soap
Consistency NLGI2
Dropping point (°C)190
Weld load N2500
Package0.4kg 0.8kg 4kg 20kg 180kg eurocartridge 0.4 kg

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