DIN 51 502:KEPF 2T-25; ISO L-X BGIB 2


It i s applied for long-term lubrication of highly loaded sliding and roller bearings for operating temperatures up to 220°C, and short-term up to 250°C. Good lubrication effects are achieved for the bearings with maximum number of revolutions n =1500 min-1 and for the values of Dxn =350 000. It is applied for the lubrications of bearings of textile machines, plastics processing machines, bakery ovens, lacquering devices, baking ovens in ceramic non-metal industry. Lubrication is also good in the presence of wet environment, weak alkali and weak acid environment. Temperature interval of application: -25°C to +220°C.

BaseInorganic thickener
Consistency NLGI2
Dropping point (°C)> 300
Weld load N> 3150
Package0.8kg 4kg 20kg

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