FAM FSP 191582


Non-flammable product for the cleaning of heavy petroleum origin impurities. It is made on the basis of environmentally friendly raw materials. It efficiently dissolves all deposits of petroleum and petroleum derivatives, waxy, resinous and similar impurities. It does not have effect on paint, rubber, lacquer, sealant material. It emulsifies well with water, which facilitates the removal of impurities from treated surfaces. It does not contain aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is applicable even at low temperatures up to -25ºC. The product can be classified as biodegradable.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL)Typ.0.820
Flash point (°C)Min.100
Biodegradability (%)For 28 days 71.03 % biodegradable
Effect on metalNo effect
Package1L 20L 175kg

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