AFNOR NF E 48 603 HV; AIST (US Steel) 126, 127, 136; ASTM D 6158 HV; DENISON HF-0, HF-1, HF-2; DIN 51524/3 (HVLP); EATON BROCHURE 03-401-2010; Eaton Vickers M-2950-S/I-286-S; ISO 11158 HV; ISO 6743-4; ISO L-HV; MAG IAS P-68 (VG 32)


Supreme hydraulic oils of mineral base with antiwear and anticorrosion additives. They are applied as fluids for the transmission of power and motion in all hydraulic systems at normal operating temperatures. It lubricates moving elements: wing, axial, piston and gear pumps. It does not have adverse effect on parts made of non-ferrous metals, there is no distruction, dissolving and swelling of the usual sealing materials from rubber and plastic. These oils are also used for the lubrication of small and slightly-loaded closed gear transmissions. It is particularly filtered to meet stringent oil purity requirements according to NAS 1638.

Viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s)32
Viscosity at 100 ° C (mm²/s)6.5
Flash point (°C)185
Flow point (° C)-33
Package5L 10L 20L 60L 180kg

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